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Plastik rekonstrüktif ve estetik cerrahi, El cerrahisi, Ağız yüz ve çene cerrahisi

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    Konum: Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu Muayenehane

    Rinoplasti ameliyatım tam bir sürprizdi. İlk haftada çok fazla acı çekecem sanmıştım. Ameliyattan sonra hastanede kaldım. Hiç acım olmadı. Ertesi gün çok az acı ve çok az şişlik vardı. Sonraki günlerde şişlik de gitti ... Bu kadar kolay olmasını beklemiyordum, belki de vücudum hızla iyileşiyor.

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    • Op. Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu merkezi İsviçre'nin Cenevre şehrinde olan International Baccalaureate Organization diploması alarak liseden mezun oldu. Yüksek öğrenimini Ankara Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi’nde bitirdi. Uzmanlık eğitimini İstanbul Okmeydanı Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi Plastik, Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi Kliniği’nde aldı.
      Marmara Üniversitesi laboratuvarında mikrocerrahi eğitimi aldı. 2009 yılında Amerika Birleşik Devletleri Atlanta şehrinde Dr. Foad Nahai’nin yanında PACES kliniğinde yüz estetiği, yüz germe ve meme estetiği konularında eğitim aldı. 2013 yılında Avrupa Plastik, Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi Birliği üyeliği kazanarak (European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery) Avrupa Board sertifikasını aldı.
      2012-2014 yılları arasında mecburi hizmet görevini tamamladı. Amerika Estetik Plastik Cerrahi Derneğinin (ASAPS) 2014-2015 senesinde Amerika Birleşik Devletlerinde Dr. Sherrel J. Aston, Dr. Timothy J. Marten, Dr. Daniel C. Baker, Dr. Glenn W. Jelks, Dr. Dennis C. Hammond, Dr. Alan Matarasso ve Dr. Nicolas Tabbal ile yüz ve boyun germe, yüz gençleştirme, burun estetiği, göz çevresi estetiği, meme estetiği ve vücut şekillendirme üzerinde çalışma fırsatı buldu.
      Op. Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu Türk Plastik Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi Derneği asil üyesi, Estetik Plastik Cerrahi Derneği asil üyesi ve aynı zamanda Avrupa Plastik, Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi Birliği (Fellow of the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery) üyesidir .
      Op. Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu 2014-2015 yılları arasında Acıbadem Fulya Hastanesi’nde çalıştı. Aynı zaman Acıbadem Üniversitesi Plastik Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik anabilim dalında Yardımcı Doçent kadrosunda çalıştı. Dr. Öreroğlu 2015-2016 yılları arasında Esteworld Altunizade Plastik Cerrahi Hastanesi'nde ameliyatlarını gerçekleştirdi.
      Dr. Öreroğlu, 2015 yılında Istanbul İleri Düzey Rinoplasti Kursunda eğitmen olarak görev almıştır.
      Op. Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu Kasım 2016 tarihi itibariyle Nişantaşı'ndaki kendi kliniğinde hasta kabulüne başlamış, Acıbadem grubu hastanelerinde de ameliyatlarını gerçekleştirmeye devam ediyor.

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      Konum: Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu Muayenehane

      Rinoplasti ameliyatım tam bir sürprizdi. İlk haftada çok fazla acı çekecem sanmıştım. Ameliyattan sonra hastanede kaldım. Hiç acım olmadı. Ertesi gün çok az acı ve çok az şişlik vardı. Sonraki günlerde şişlik de gitti ... Bu kadar kolay olmasını beklemiyordum, belki de vücudum hızla iyileşiyor.

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      Konum: Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu MuayenehaneHizmet: Burun Estetiği

      Genel olarak sorunsuz bir ameliyat geçirdiğimi diyebilirim, tüm detaylar öncesinden doktor bey ve ekibi tarafından benimle paylaşıldı. İlk iki gün en zorlandığım zamandı sonrası çok hızlı iyileştim. Burun yüz ifadesini gerçekten çok etkiliyormuş, bu operasyonu geçirdiğim için çok mutluyum. Çok profesyonel bir ekip, burun estetiği düşünen herkese gönül rahatlığıyla tavsiye ederim.

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      Konum: Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu MuayenehaneHizmet: Meme Büyütme

      My journey with Dr Oreroglu and his team began when my cousin went for a breast implant surgery to Turkey. She came back 1 week later and immediately went back to work. I was amazed at the rapid recovery and called the clinic for information. I talked over the phone with Ayla, who is responsible for foreign patients. She explained the whole procedure and asked for my pictures for evaluation. Came back to me the next day with price and other details. All I know is I had a surgery the next month! I am super happy with the look of my breasts and feel much more confident. He gave me a full C and now they look and feel amazing. I would definitely go back to Dr Oreroglu for any other procedures.

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      Konum: Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu MuayenehaneHizmet: Burun Estetiği

      I had already done a nose job back in 2012 and the result was terrible. My nose had literally collapsed with little cartilage on the sides, and was assymetric from the front. Having had a bad experience the first time, I would not leave anything to luck this time. I visited Turkey for holidays, and during the trip I made appointments with some surgeons. I went through a lot of surgeons before deciding to go to Dr Oreroglu. What I liked about doctor Oreroglu and his team is that they are very professional and put patient comfort in the first priority. Dr Oreroglu explained all the procedures and the requirements of the rhinoplasty surgery. After the pre-surgical consultation, I got to know everything, all the possibilities and risks (as mine was a difficult case) and I had a good amount of time to decide. I visited other clinics too, and all of them gave promises that everything will be perfect and pushed me into booking for a surgery right there with discounts. Some surgeons didn't even let me explain what I want! All they said was, I am the doc I know everything. This over self confidence does nothing but demoralise the patient, at least this was the case for me. Dr Oreroglu listened to me patiently and perfectly understood what I wanted. He gave me real answers and told me clearly what to expect. The surgery was perfect, I am very happy with my new nose, I will definitely visit Dr Oreroglu if I need any other procedures and definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a good surgeon. More than satisfied!

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      Konum: Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu MuayenehaneHizmet: Meme Dikleştirme

      I have not breastfed, I am still 35 yo but always had breasts of a 45 yo woman. I was very uncomfortable especially in the summer, plus I had started to develop back pain. I was never happy with the dresses I wore because my top part looked big. My journey started with Dr Oreroglu when I was searching for a good plastic surgeon for breast reduction. I saw some pretty impressived reviews about him and also had a very good energy from the clinic from the very beginning. The team is very energetic, give all details and are professional, they definitely know what they are doing..My surgery took 3.5 hours, I rested in the hospital overnight and after visiting the clinic 2 more times after surgery, left Istanbul 7 days after the operation. There were no stitches from the outside, I just had special strips on the incision places. During the 2 control sessions Dr Oreroglu changed the strips and gave me the instructions on how to handle the strips. I removed the strips myself after 1 month under their supervision, and was instructed on how to take care of the scar afterwards. Thankfully I am a good healer and with no stitches being removed from my body, I can say the recovery has been wonderful. I am still waiting to see the final result as Dr Oreroglu told me it takes 1 year for the final form. Overall, I am happy to have made this decision

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      Konum: Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu MuayenehaneHizmet: Burun Estetiği

      Deciding to have a nose job is not an easy thing to do. There are so many surgeons and so much information on the internet, at one point I was completely confused. What I have learnt is that reference is definitely the best way to choose your surgeon. My friend had a surgery with Dr Ali two years ago. I had the chance to see all the recovery stages and of course, the result :) I also researched about Dr Ali and realised he is well educated in this field and has a natural style in his surgeries. I am 3 weeks post op, the swelling is gone, I can finally breathe after 34 years and I love my nose and my Doc :)

    • Konum: Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu MuayenehaneHizmet: Burun Estetiği

      After an unsuccessful nose surgery 5 years ago in the UK, I was very unhappy with my nose and had developed breathing problems. I did some research and found out that turkey is among the top plastic surgery countries. I had never visited turkey before, so this would be a chance to plan a nice trip as well as solve my problem. I searched for plastic surgeons in Turkey and realised Istanbul is the heart of plastic surgeries. So narrowing my search I came up to Dr Ali. I was impressed by the results of his surgeries and decided to book for a surgery. His foreign patient coordinator Ayla gave me recommendations on how to plan my trip. She asked me to do all the sightseeing and touristic activities before the surgery. So I travelled to Istanbul, fell in love with the city! And had my surgery. Since Dr Ali had good experience in secondary patients I was sure everything would be fine. The surgery took place 1 week after my arrival, and I remained in Istanbul for post op controls for another week. It was one of the best experiences I had, seeing this beautiful and amazing city and getting to know Dr Ali and his wonderful team. I have a perfect nose which looks pretty natural and could not be happier! Feeling wonderful again!

    • Konum: Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu MuayenehaneHizmet: Burun Estetiği

      I had a nose job with Dr Oreroglu more than a year ago. I had a large nose with a hump and had breathing difficulties. I found his clinic during my research and many positive reviews and a friendly voice over the phone made me closer to this doctor. His international patient coordinator Ayla makes sure you receive all the information you need and is very patient during all the stages of the surgery. After travelling to Turkey and meeting Dr Oreroglu I was sure I made the right decision. He has an aesthetic eye and is very talented. Now I love my new nose and can breathe much more easily, thanks to him! A professional team and a wonderful doctor, I definitely recommend to anyone thinking of a nose job.

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      Konum: Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu MuayenehaneHizmet: Meme Büyütme

      Uzun zamandır doktor beyi instagramdan takip ediyorum ve 1 ay önce kendisi tarafından meme büyütme ameliyatı oldum. Silikon seçimimi tamamen doktor bey'in deneyimine bıraktım, sonuçta benim istediğim ve benim için önemli olan doğal, vücuduma orantılı bir sonuçtu. Bana yeni nesil silikon önerdi vücutta en doğal duran silikonmuş. Ameliyat tekniği kas zarı altı diye geçiyormuş daha önce duymamıştım ama muayenede bana detaylıca anlattı. Bu teknik sayesinde iyileşme sürecim çok kısa oldu, hastanede 1 gece kaldım ama ağrım çok azdı diyebilirim. Dikişler tamamen içten yapıldı ve dışarıdan hiç dikiş yoktu! 1 ay ameliyat izimin olduğu bölge bantlı kaldı. Bantlarla duş alabildim gayet rahattı. Hocama çok teşekkür ediyorum özellikle sabrı için zor bir hastayım çünkü :)

    • Konum: Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu MuayenehaneHizmet: Yüz Germe

      I had a facelift with Dr Ali around 2 months ago. The main reason I chose him was my friend Tina, who had the same operation last year with him. I had the chance to see all the stages of recovery and the final result and was sure Dr Ali had to be my doctor. Everything was planned very smoothly, the first 2 days are a bit of a challenge to be honest, but the result is definitely worth it. I was dizzy and had nausea at the first day, but my nurse Seval took care of me throughout the night she is the sweetest nurse..The next day I felt much better but had some swelling. Since Dr Ali had explained all the recovery stages I was ready for this. I was also pleased with the service that the staff had provided me before and after my facelift surgery. I believe no matter how good the doctor is, if the staff are not professional you will never feel comfortable. So a huge thumbs up to the team!